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I Think I Need a Drink I Think I Need a Drink

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Guitar tabs?

Please please please!

I absolutely adore this song. :)

Great job!

We Know It! (A Christmas Song) We Know It! (A Christmas Song)

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Oh, Dom... <3

You're so amazing, haha.

Amazing job you did with Deck'd 2, thanks for a new Christmas tradition between me and friends! We've been singing your songs ever since we watched it yesterday, and don't even ask how long we've been singing Deck'd, it's so friggin' catchy!

Have a great Christmas man.

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Dirt Eater Loop Dirt Eater Loop

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And the Bad Man does it again.

Man haha, you handle your shit pretty fucking well. Great fucking tune to just rock the fuck out to. I had a fucking party last Friday with your music bustin', haha. Cops got called that fucking night, I need to party less fucking hard! But seriously man, you've got good shit going here, keep up the fucking great work, and I look forward to talking to you again man.

Keep it real. \m/

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

haha, fucking cool as fuck. As long as you didn't get ass raped in the slammer. And for the other thing....soon, bruh...I'm almost ready for you. :D

Thanks for checkin it, dude.\m/

(gaia) va bad-man-inc preach (gaia) va bad-man-inc preach

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See what happens? You take a fantastic voice actor with an amazing voice, mix her with a badass metal head, and they produce my fucking night mares. Thanks a lot, cocksuckers....

No but seriously, great job, the incarnation of my two favorite NGers put together couldn't've been better. ;-)

I love ya!

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rednikaiaG responds:

OMFGawd Billeh Bee-neh------>
I think that was by far the sweetest review you have EVER left me!
Not that you haven't been MORE than generous with your others but. . . Goh-ah-AH-lee!
Thank you! You just made my night, Man. Truly!
Thanx for the introduction to him and all the invitations you've sent me too, Billy!
You'll always be my first VA buddy here on Ye Olde Newgrounds, Pal, always!
Send me links when you put new stuff up too! I'd love to come have a listen and drop a review as well ANYtime. Hope to hear from you soon! Oh yeah and congratulations on the part too!
You've ALWAYS got SOME kind of thing in the makes, Man. You busy little bee, you!

............Take care, be good and stay kind.period

Voice acting demo '09 Voice acting demo '09

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There was NOTHING professional about that.

That was absolutely pathetic. No effort, no control, nothing. Anyone with a two dollar mic could do what you just did. You plugged in your mic, spoke jibberish, yelled, and called yourself a professional. Go get a minimum wage job, because if you're gonna rely on THAT voice for money, you're doomed to fail.

Here With Me (DEMO) Here With Me (DEMO)

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It just occured to me; I have never written a review on this song ! I've been listening to this song multiple times daily during the last couple of years, and I have to say, it's very rare when someone can find a song they can listen to constantly and never grow tire of. For me, you guys have accomplished just that. Not only in this song (although it is one of my favorite from you guys), but in all the songs you make. It's a terrible shame that we don't hear from you more often! Please, bestow Newgrounds with your amazing talent once more, it's heart and mine weep without you. :-(

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(gaia) va3C 1st turtle (gaia) va3C 1st turtle

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Job well done. I enjoyed how all the voices seemed to come in together, there was a rather impressive range in this as well, especially considering this is your first submission. Great job. :-)

I look forward to working with you in the future. :-)

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rednikaiaG responds:

Awww... thanx 81LL3H--->
You are too kind. I appreciate you checkin' it out AND leaving a REVIEW, no less! *jumps up and down, clapping like a retarded kid* You know you're the shiz-nit, huh? Heh heh heh I would LOVE to work with you ANYtime. If you ever need a female, I'll be there.
Oh and I'm gonna add one that lets you hear my higher pitched voices too. You know, more so for cartoon princesses and such! :) Seems with all the voices you do we could have an entire room full of people. *pats you proudly, on the back* Thanx again Billy-Bean, until next time. . .

............Take care, be good and listen, puh-lease.period

A Billy Bean in Metal(BMI) A Billy Bean in Metal(BMI)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Gotta love it, dood.

Gonna animate that with the TTA mascot for the opening of every TTA flash. It'll be like a sub-theme, fucking awesome man! \m/

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Haha, I just finished the full music today, its about 50 seconds it is for a theme...I just forgot to save my vocal track, so I'll have to put more vocals on it. I do remember how much you like my "taking a shit" vocals, so if you just want the music, let me know.

Glad you like it, bro.

Necessary Suffering/BMIpreview Necessary Suffering/BMIpreview

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Way to go, dude.

Get on MSN more, like, quit your job or something lmfao.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

I would, but...I NEED to pay my mortgage, and feed my kids. That is where my money goes. That takes up my $4000 per month. If you paid me that I would yak with you on messenger every day. :D :P

Mega Man X2 - Flame Stag Stage Mega Man X2 - Flame Stag Stage

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I shart myself then fapped a little to this. Your shit is so fawking HAWT <33

DarKsidE555 responds:

For shizzl ma nizzl! Hot shit for hot billy! ;D

ice cream cone! <3