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Zombie USB Zombie USB

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They're nice, but not $50 nice.

Neat little project here, they look pretty nifty. But the fact remains that for 4 1g USBs, you'd have to have a friggin' Mona Lisa drawn on there for people to want to pay $50. But, y'know, obscenely large price scales for items aren't really why we review art on Newgrounds.

I'm giving you a 7 because the detail on it is fairly good. Overly it's nothing original or new, so it really doesn't deserve a 10 from me; it's not an amazing piece of art.

Cute project, nicely done. Definitely a nice little pass-time to teach to your friends or something.

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davestudio responds:

Don't buy them if you don't want them, that's fine :)
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