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Demons Wrath II

2007-07-18 16:10:05 by Billy-Bean

Okay, so I'm putting a lot of work into the storyline of Demons Wrath II, here's the opening of it, summed up:

You've been wandering for ages, completly out of danger because anything evil fears you and wouldn't dare touch you. You've been searching for any time of civilization but haven't been able to find any. Finally, after months, you've found a place! Oddly, is looks exactly like your old home, in fact, the people are the same to! But, how can this be? You saw the demons kill them. Was it in your mind? Were you tricked? Or are these people your real family? Find out when Demons Wrath II is released!!

A lot of updates will be made to: Alternate endings, alternate paths, and, of course, not every choice but one will lead to your death in this one. I'm also going to have animation in it, that's where I need your help.

I need anyone who's at least a half decent-artist to do the animation in a collaboration with me. If you're interested just tell me and I'll get back to you!


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2007-07-20 15:09:04


Billy-Bean responds:

Te hehe


2007-08-06 23:06:58

oh, pick me---ME!

Billy-Bean responds:

Depends. Are you good in bed?


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